Website design and development

Forging first impressions that turn into loyal customers

Your company website is increasingly the first thing your potential customers see. We hear many people refer to it as the “new brick and mortar store.” To take full advantage of this, it really pays to have custom web design that blends striking visuals with robust functionality. As a leading custom web design agency, Magnet specializes in crafting websites that excel in both design and performance, setting you apart from the competition.

Website design and development services

Website design that engages and delights your audience

At Magnet, we pride ourselves on choosing and mastering the most innovative web technologies to build websites and web applications that scale and perform seamlessly. Our custom web designs benefit from a strong support network backed by a thriving community, ensuring continuous growth and development for your business.Our commitment to future-proof web design solutions means that your custom website will always be at the forefront of innovation and performance.

Responsive design

We create visually stunning, mobile-responsive designs that adapt to any screen size, offering a seamless experience for your users.


Our custom web designs are built with accessibility in mind, ensuring that your digital home is welcoming and usable by all visitors.

High performance

We do our utmost to ensure your site is optimized for speed and performance, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience that keeps your site’s visitors coming back.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We integrate our best SEO practices into every step of our design process. With our added SEO services, we ensure that your website is poised to rank well in search engine results and drive a steady stream of organic traffic.

Case studies

Examples of our work in website design and development

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Battle-tested and future proof web technologies

We take pride in selecting and mastering the very best web technologies to build websites and web applications that not only scale and perform seamlessly but also enjoy a strong support network from a thriving community, as well as some other key factors that help your business grow into the future.

Kind words
"We have a much more targeted website, and we are starting to get leads from our website. They are agile, flexible, positive attitude, and provide guidance every step of the way."

Minja Zahirovic
Commercial Vehicles Group


Our 360-degree approach for precision and impact

We pride ourselves on our expertise in web design and development, building websites with a focus on executing every part of the production with care and precision. From strategy to creative to implementation and ongoing testing, we ensure your website is fast, secure and optimized at every level for growth.


Our web agency believes an inclusive internet is the way forward. Accessibility is considered throughout our process and we can help you achieve ADA or WCAG compliance.


We optimize your website at every turn, ensuring that the code, content and all design decisions have a positive impact on performance, user experience and SEO.


We ensure the security of your site with encryption, multi-factor authentication, backup and restoration, regularly scheduled audits, updates and well-tested code.


With analytics, real-time statistics, A/B testing and research into your industry and audience, we eliminate guesswork with a data-driven design process.


A web agency’s SEO strategy can make or break you. When working with us, rest assured your website will be highly optimized with your bottom line in mind.


Our training, documentation and support provide peace of mind. We keep you on track with comprehensive site monitoring and robust reporting.