Case study

Print Your Cause
A better sales website for a charitable printing company


Print Your Cause, a non-profit organization that raises money for various charities and causes, sought to revamp its outdated website and fragmented branding, making for low user engagement and reduced sales. Magnet took on the challenge of designing and rebranding a new website that would improve user experience, brand cohesion, increase conversions, and enhance organic search engine rankings.


To achieve these goals, Magnet embarked on an in-depth discovery process to understand the client's business, audience, and goals. The team conducted interviews with key stakeholders, analyzed competitor websites, and gathered data on user behavior. We conducted extensive research into the latest web design trends, best practices, and user preferences, and performed a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying areas for optimization and developing a comprehensive SEO strategy. We also worked with the client to refine their value proposition, identified the key selling points of their product and developed a messaging strategy to communicate them effectively.


Magnet collaborated with the client to develop compelling design and content that solidified Print Your Cause's brand with unique value propositions and well-aligned messaging strategy. The team then created mood boards that visualized the brand's aesthetic, tone, and overall look and feel. They used storyboarding to create a visual narrative that communicated the brand's value proposition and key selling points.

The team created wireframes to design the website's layout, user flow, and functionality, and then designed the website's user interface, incorporating the brand's unique aesthetic and messaging strategy into the design. We also created custom graphic design and illustrations to enhance the website's visual appeal and communicate the brand's key messages. Magnet incorporated motion design elements to enhance user engagement and create a dynamic and visually appealing website. Finally, our resident genius designers authored a design system that ensured brand consistency and allowed for easy scalability and updates to the website.


The new website launch was a resounding success, with a sleek and modern design that has shown improved user engagement and increased conversions. The improved SEO strategy and content optimization resulted in higher organic search engine rankings, which further increased traffic and sales. The new brand has also shown to be a recieved as a resounding improvementthe client, as well as their customers. Overall, the project resulted in increased customer retention, improved sales, and a stronger online presence for Print Your Cause.


We used the following technologies on this project to ensure reliability and performance at every step, accounting for future platform stability and developer support, uptime and reliability ratings and a host of other factors. Read more about the technologies

Kind words

"Magnet helped us rebrand our business and delivered a beautiful website. Their design quality and knowledge of the most modern tech was first-class."

Adam Hickey


Print Your Cause