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Managing an ecommerce operation presents a unique set of challenges. Key considerations include choosing the right platform that can handle high traffic volumes, effectively monitoring important KPIs for business health, and ensuring seamless customer experience even at scale. The focus isn't just maintaining operations, but also staying ahead in a dynamic and fiercely competitive environment.

When your ecommerce site is thoughtfully-designed and professionally optimized, you stand to outperform your competitors. That's where we come in. At Magnet, we specialize in providing custom ecommerce built on headless Shopify. We address the unique challenges faced by serious ecommerce businesses by merging superior design with intelligent UI/UX, thereby transforming your online sales.
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Ecommerce 101

An open sign on a shop's door

Ecommerce website development that gets results

When it comes to building a stellar ecommerce website, the challenge lies in building an online storefront that blends cutting-edge technology with a human touch, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Fusing beautiful UI and intelligent UX to showcase your products

Our approach at Magnet revolves around merging captivating visual design with intentional experiential design, ensuring that your ecommerce website not only looks impressive but also offers a user-friendly and satisfying experience for your customers.

By keeping the end-user in mind, we create websites that prioritize usability, responsiveness, and seamless navigation, leading to happier customers and increased conversions (which also means a happier you!).

Harnessing user behavior for continuous ecommerce improvement

If design is art, then analytics is science.

To guarantee the ongoing optimization and success of your ecommerce site, our team leverages data analytics to monitor not just inventory movement, but also user behavior on your website.

This invaluable insight enables us to make data-driven decisions and optimize various aspects of your online store, resulting in a continually improved customer experience and increased sales.

Data-Driven CRO

In the digital world, intuition is not enough. Our approach to ecommerce is backed by data-driven insights. We analyze market trends, customer behavior, and competitor strategies to build a shopping experience that not only looks good but also performs well in your specific market.

The Magnet difference

Why our ecommerce services stand out

A human touch

We understand that behind every ecommerce transaction is a real person with unique needs and desires. Our approach to ecommerce combines human desires and intuition to craft a cohesive digital shopping experience that resonates with your target audience.

Solutions tailored to your unique needs

If you're throwing a generic solution at a unique problem, it's obviously not going to end well.

Magnet offers an extensive range of ecommerce website development services and solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Elevate your customers’ engagement

Our team of ecommerce experts and data specialists ensure that each interaction your customers have with your site adds value to your business.

Partner with us, and we'll do our best to ensure you'll experience a surge in online sales, improved user and customer experience, and a significantly boosted online presence that makes your business outshine your competition.

First place search engine ranking with Magnet

Ecommerce Expertise

How we deliver ecommerce
API Development

API Development

Design - Integration - Management

Magnet excels in designing, integrating, and managing APIs, ensuring seamless communication between different software components and services to create robust and scalable web solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning - Data processing - Predictive modeling

We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence, including machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling, to develop intelligent solutions that anticipate user needs and improve decision-making processes.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Customization - Integration - Content optimization

Magnet provides expert CMS solutions, offering customization, seamless integration, and content optimization to enable clients to manage and publish their content efficiently.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Branding - Positioning - Content Marketing

We devise and implement comprehensive digital strategies, focusing on planning and execution, digital innovation, and market analysis to drive growth and enhance online presence.

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Platforms

Platform Selection - Customization - Optimization

Magnet excels in selecting, customizing, and optimizing ecommerce platforms to create seamless shopping experiences, increase conversions, and drive sales.

Full Stack Engineering

Full Stack Engineering

Frontend - Backend - Systems

Our full stack engineering services encompass frontend and backend development, along with system integration, providing complete and efficient web solutions.

Infrastructure and DevOps

Infrastructure and DevOps

Systems Architecture - Automation - CI/CD

Our team specializes in infrastructure and DevOps, ensuring robust system architecture, streamlined deployment automation, and continuous integration for improved operational efficiency.

Jamstack Development

Jamstack Development

Secure - Performant - Scalable

Magnet leverages Jamstack principles for modern web development, focusing on performance optimization and static site generation for faster, more secure websites.

Nocode Development

Nocode Development

Marketing Sites - Integrations - Rapid Prototyping

We utilize nocode platforms for rapid solution design and prototyping, enabling quick iteration and deployment of web applications without traditional coding.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Management - Bid Optimization - CRO

Magnet manages PPC campaigns with expertise in campaign management, bid optimization, and conversion tracking, ensuring high ROI and effective ad spend allocation.

Performance and Security

Performance and Security

Optimization - Auditing - Risk Mitigation

Our focus on performance and security involves enhancing website speed, conducting thorough vulnerability assessments, and implementing measures to mitigate risks and protect against threats.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

User Research - Interface Design - Usability Testing

At Magnet, our UI/UX design process involves in-depth user research, intuitive interface design, and rigorous usability testing to create user-centered designs that improve engagement and conversion rates.

Case studies

Examples of our work in ecommerce

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Preview of Aftermarket Truck Parts on laptop
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Preview of Board Game Tables website redesign on mobile
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Preview of Print Your Cause's website redesign on laptop
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Our Approach to Ecommerce

Our 360-degree approach to ecommerce for optimized conversion and customer happiness

We pride ourselves on our expertise across all aspects of ecommerce store design and development, with a focus on executing every part of the production with care and precision. From strategy to creative to implementation and ongoing testing, we ensure your online store is fast, secure and optimized at every level for conversion and growth over time.


Our ecommerce agency believes an inclusive internet is the way forward. Accessibility is considered throughout our process and we can help your store achieve ADA or WCAG compliance.


We optimize your online store at every turn, ensuring that the code, content and all design decisions have a positive impact on performance, user experience and conversion rates.


We ensure the security of your store with encryption, multi-factor authentication, backup and restoration, regularly scheduled audits, updates and well-tested store code.


Our strategy is fueled by data. Using analytics, A/B testing, and market research, we craft custom software that truly connects with your audience and stays ahead of industry trends.


We meticulously fine-tune every aspect of your custom software for maximum impact and visibility. This ensures that your web application not only looks good but also exceeds expectations.


Our training, documentation and support provide peace of mind. We keep you on track with comprehensive online store monitoring and robust reporting.

Ecommerce Platforms & Technologies

Open source ecommerce tools that are carefully selected and meticulously perfected

We take pride in selecting and mastering the very best ecommerce technologies to build online stores and transaction-enabled websites that not only scale and perform seamlessly but also enjoy a strong support network from a thriving community, as well as some other key factors that help your online store grow into the future.

Website FAQs

Some common things asked about website design and development

How does Magnet pick a target audience

From identifying your target marketing to segmentation and feedback loops, we continually optimize audience targeting.

What are the different types of developers on your team

At Magnet, our team comprises a diverse array of developers, each specializing in different areas of technology and software development. This variety ensures we can tackle a wide range of projects, from web and mobile applications to complex system integrations and data analytics solutions.

What factors most influence a successful ecommerce website

Creating a successful eCommerce website involves a wide array of deep considerations. At Magnet, we understand that the success of an eCommerce site is influenced by a combination of critical factors, each contributing to the overall user satisfaction, engagement, and sales conversion rates.

What is your experience in the industry?

We have been in the web industry since our inception in London in 2004, working with clients ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our team consists of professionals who bring together a wealth of experience in digital strategy, web design, development, and support. We've handled projects across various sectors, which gives us a broad perspective and understanding of different market dynamics.

Ecommerce Insights

Tips and tactics about ecommerce

Every team member at Magnet web agency is passionate about learning, sharing, and continually improving their understanding of our digital world. Check out articles, written by our team, for thoughts about topics ranging from SEO to UI/UX, growth marketing, design concepts, AI, technology, the future of the web, and more.

Kind words

"Magnet is an exceptional partner. Our business is dependent on the technology behind it and Magnet has been there from the start to ensure our website and the operations related to it are seamless and effective."
Jack Carlino - Wanamakers

Jack Carlino
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