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TruBlue House Care
A franchise website platform for a professional services company


TruBlue Total House Care, a trusted national brand for home maintenance, needed a revitalized online presence to further resonate with local markets and reflect modern aesthetics. Our task was to overhaul the franchise website, infusing a fresh, modern look while elevating its functionality to ensure a seamless user experience. This transformation aimed not only to retain the brand’s national trust but to bolster its local outreach, paving the way for sustained growth.


We decided to employ a Jamstack approach for the website overhaul. This allowed us to create a modern, functional website that provided flexibility for franchise owners while attracting new customers across the brand. As a thriving franchise with over 50 national locations, it was essential to communicate the brand values and services while allowing owners to customize their locations in a hassle-free way.

To ensure the website attracted the right audience, we conducted a comprehensive SEO audit. This helped us identify relevant keyword opportunities and understand various audience needs. Based on these insights, we created a sitemap, added new pages, and devised a page structure that informed and converted visitors.

Although TruBlue already had a brand identity and color scheme, our team expanded upon what was already working. We drew from existing elements to create custom icons, background motifs, and an expanded palette of colors. It was crucial for the brand elements to exude professionalism, trustworthiness, and cleanliness.

In line with the mission and values of TruBlue, we developed a clean, modern user interface (UI) design. This involved using fresh colors, ample white space, colorful photography, and tactful animation to enhance the user experience and create an inviting online presence for the brand.


During the implementation phase, we focused on creating a robust platform that empowered franchise owners to manage their own profile pages, update their location information, and gather leads. To achieve this, we utilized the Jamstack architecture, which allowed us to build a platform that scaled efficiently, instead of simply creating a single website. Our goal was to develop an entire ecosystem that facilitated seamless management for TruBlue's franchise owners.

The backend of the platform was developed using Laravel, a PHP framework known for its performance and flexibility. This choice ensured that the platform could handle the complex needs of multiple franchises while maintaining speed and reliability.

We used Nuxt and VueJS to power the frontend, as these JavaScript frameworks enabled us to create a highly interactive and responsive user experience. This, in turn, provided franchise owners with an intuitive interface to manage their individual pages, making it easy for them to update their profiles and location information as needed.

To bring everything together, we implemented a headless CMS – Sanity. This choice allowed us to separate the content management from the frontend presentation, providing franchise owners with a streamlined content management experience. The headless CMS architecture enabled us to store and manage all content in a centralized location, while allowing each franchise owner to access and update their specific content seamlessly.


The newly designed TruBlue website is not only easy to navigate, but it also drives traffic through previously untapped keywords, making it a valuable tool for franchise owners. Within three months of the site's launch, user numbers increased by 30%, pageviews saw a 58% uptick, and session duration grew by 9% compared to the previous year. The modern design, seamless functionality, and locally-focused strategy have all contributed to the flourishing of the TruBlue Total House Care brand on the local level.


We used the following technologies on this project to ensure reliability and performance at every step, accounting for future platform stability and developer support, uptime and reliability ratings and a host of other factors. Read more about the technologies

Kind words

"Magnet's ability to merge their digital expertise with a content strategy has led to a high performing website. Very pleased with the results of our site launch and highly recommend them as a web design agency."

Sean Fitzgerald


TruBlue House Care