Case study

A creative expression for a full-service franchise and retail marketing agency


Brandience, a Cincinnati-based full-service marketing agency specializing in franchise companies, restaurants, and retail, sought a fresh and engaging website that would effectively convey their brand personality and showcase their expertise. With a client roster that includes prominent names like AAA, Papa Johns, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe, it was essential that their website made a strong and lasting impression on potential clients.


Our team kicked off the project by conducting thorough research on Brandience's industry, competitors, and target audience. We visited their newly designed offices, which showcased their bright brand colors and energetic atmosphere, to gain a deeper understanding of their company culture and values.

Using the insights gained from our research, we developed a creative UI/UX design that incorporated bold, animating shapes and vibrant colors, mirroring the lively impression clients experience when visiting Brandience's offices. We also focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive navigation structure that would enable potential clients to quickly access relevant information and services.


During the implementation phase, our team collaborated closely with Brian, Tim, and Desi from Brandience to ensure the project was progressing according to their vision and requirements. We utilized modern web development technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, to create a responsive, fast-loading, and visually impactful website.

To optimize the website's performance, we implemented various optimization techniques, such as image compression, minification of CSS and JavaScript files, and browser caching. Additionally, we followed best practices in SEO to ensure the website ranked well in search engine results and attracted organic traffic.

Throughout the project, we maintained open lines of communication with Brandience's team, discussing progress, addressing concerns, and incorporating feedback to ensure the final website accurately reflected their brand identity and met their business objectives.


The result was a vibrant and dynamic website that effectively communicated Brandience's unique brand identity and showcased their expertise in full-service marketing for franchise companies, restaurants, and retail. The website's visually striking design, seamless user experience, and compelling content have not only captured the attention of potential clients but also reinforced Brandience's position as a leading marketing agency in their niche. The collaboration with Brandience's team made the project a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience for all parties involved.


We used the following technologies on this project to ensure reliability and performance at every step, accounting for future platform stability and developer support, uptime and reliability ratings and a host of other factors. Read more about the technologies

Kind words

"We hired the Magnet agency to refresh the design of the website and inject creativity into the digital presence of the brand. We love the site and feel like it represents our company well. All of the going-in goals were achieved."

Brian McHale