Case study

Directions Research
An engaging visual rebrand for a leading research company


Directions Research, a distinguished business insights and analytics company, was looking to refresh its brand image with a completely new website. With new pages and services to be added, Directions Research wanted to really let these new aspects of their business shine. Magnet was glad to provide a complete overhaul that not only improved the aesthetics and brand image of the new site, but also improved site performance and user experience.


Our team began with close collaboration and communication with Directions Research team members, identifying strengths and key elements to prioritize with the new design. We then conducted aggressive competitor research to examine how similar companies approach frequent customer pain points, preferences, and overall interaction with these sites. From there, we were able to tailor a custom approach to make Directions Research's new website relevant to client needs, easy to use, and more performant than other competitor websites.


Our team utilized Webflow for this project, as the overall performance and flexibility of the platform was very fitting for a web design project of this scope. Our team primarily focused on creating a refreshing website that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also more intuitive regarding navigation and overall performance. Other key implementation aspects included:

  • Clean and crisp site structure, utilizing dynamic colors to improve audience attention
  • Performance optimization for fast loading times and seamless functionality
  • Hubspot integrations to better provide administrative use for Directions Research team members.
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations for traffic reports with little to no interruption between server changes.
  • Responsiveness to ensure excellent user experience on all devices
  • Continuous assessment and adjustments to maintain optimal performance across various devices and browsers


The new website has not only shown remarkable changes in overall design and structure, but has also shown improvements in engagement rates and engaged user sessions. With this new site redesign, Directions Research stands above its competitive as a sleek and modern approach to market and product research. With a more confident design and layout, Directions Research is able to more effectively communicate its authority and expertise to its engaged audience.


We used the following technologies on this project to ensure reliability and performance at every step, accounting for future platform stability and developer support, uptime and reliability ratings and a host of other factors. Read more about the technologies

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Directions Research