An electrifying new brand and website for a cutting-edge electrical automotive company


Voltic, a division of a larger, NASDAQ-traded manufacturer organization, tasked our team at Magnet with a rebrand to keep pace with the electrification and modernization trends sweeping the automotive industry. The outdated brand imagery didn't resonate with the modern, tech-savvy audience nor did it reflect the innovative electrical solutions Voltic provided. Our objective was to overhaul the website with an electrifying and lively brand that was sure to capture this energized audience.


In aligning with Voltic's desire for a modern and high-contrast design, we undertook a comprehensive study of the current electrification trends in the automotive industry. From there, we performed the following:

  • Analyzed competitors for design and user interface
  • Mapped out a color palette, typography, and imagery
  • Ensuring the new brand would reflect modernity, electrification, and the dynamic nature of the automotive sector
  • Authoritative copywriting, friendly while retaining a professional tone


Our dev team utilized Webflow for its rapid deployment capability and its feature-rich environment for creating transitional animations. We developed a design that was modern, engaging, and reflective of the automotive industry's electrification trend. The typography was chosen to be dynamic and the color contrasts were sharp to evoke a sense of modernity and innovation.


The rebranded website has successfully positioned Voltic as a contemporary and forward-thinking entity in the electrical manufacturing arena. The design tonality now resonates well with the modern automotive industry, reflecting the electrification and dynamic changes happening within this sector. The new design not only repositions Voltic's brand identity, but also enhances user engagement through its modern aesthetic and dynamic design elements.


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