What is is a sales intelligence and engagement platform designed to help sales and marketing teams streamline their lead generation and outreach processes. It integrates with various CRM systems and provides tools for finding, qualifying, and engaging potential customers. uses data science and machine learning to provide actionable insights, helping teams to close more deals and optimize their sales strategies.

What are the core features of

  1. Lead Generation: offers advanced search capabilities to identify high-quality leads based on industry, company size, location, and other criteria.
  2. Sales Intelligence: Provides detailed information and insights about leads, including contact information, company details, and social profiles.
  3. Email Sequencing: Enables users to create and automate personalized email campaigns to engage with potential leads.
  4. CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular CRM platforms, ensuring data synchronization and workflow efficiency.
  5. Analytics and Reporting: Offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track performance and optimize sales strategies.

How can benefit your sales process?

  1. Streamlined Lead Generation: simplifies the process of finding and qualifying leads, saving time and resources.
  2. Enhanced Engagement: With personalized email sequences and targeted outreach, teams can engage with leads more effectively.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: Provides actionable insights that help sales teams make informed decisions and tailor their strategies.
  4. Seamless Integration: By integrating with existing CRM systems, ensures a cohesive and efficient sales process.
  5. Improved Conversion Rates: With strategic outreach and data insights, teams can improve their conversion rates and close more deals.

Popular alternatives to

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A social selling platform that provides sales professionals with insights and tools to build relationships with potential leads.
  2. ZoomInfo: A cloud-based market intelligence platform that provides detailed information on businesses and professionals.
  3. Leadfeeder: Tracks website visitors and provides sales teams with insights into which companies are visiting their site.
  4. HubSpot Sales: A sales platform that offers email tracking, meeting scheduling, and sales automation tools.

Pros and Cons of versus the main alternatives


  • Comprehensive lead generation and sales intelligence capabilities.
  • Personalized email sequencing for effective engagement.
  • Robust analytics and reporting features for optimizing sales strategies.


  • May require a learning curve for new users unfamiliar with sales intelligence platforms.
  • Some users may find the pricing model to be more expensive compared to simpler lead generation tools.

Resources about

  1. Official documentation
  2. YouTube channel
  3. Getting Started with
  4. vs LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Comparison

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