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Some frequent questions and answers

We've tried to cover some of the more common things our clients ask us, from web design budgets and timelines to development considerations and particular things like how to use a CMS or what's the best tool or service for a particular thing.

Strategy questions

How does Magnet pick a target audience

From identifying your target marketing to segmentation and feedback loops, we continually optimize audience targeting.

What factors most influence a successful ecommerce website

Creating a successful eCommerce website involves a wide array of deep considerations. At Magnet, we understand that the success of an eCommerce site is influenced by a combination of critical factors, each contributing to the overall user satisfaction, engagement, and sales conversion rates.

How does a custom SEO agency measure the success of its strategies?

A custom SEO agency measures the success of its strategies using a variety of metrics such as keyword rankings, organic traffic, conversion rates, and ROI. They also use analytics tools to track performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. Discover how an agency measures and optimizes SEO success.

What are the steps involved in developing a custom SEO strategy?

Developing a custom SEO strategy involves several key steps, including business analysis, market and competitor research, keyword research, strategy formulation, implementation, and continuous monitoring and adjustment. Each step is critical to creating an effective and targeted SEO plan. Learn about the detailed process of developing a custom SEO strategy.

How does a custom SEO agency ensure its strategies align with a client's brand?

A custom SEO agency ensures alignment with a client's brand by understanding the brand’s voice, values, and positioning. This involves integrating SEO tactics with the brand’s overall marketing strategy to maintain consistency and authenticity. Learn about aligning SEO strategies with brand identity.

Can a custom SEO agency cater to businesses in specific industries?

Yes, a custom SEO agency can cater to businesses in specific industries by developing industry-specific strategies that address unique challenges and leverage industry-specific opportunities. This approach enhances relevance and effectiveness in SEO efforts. Discover the benefits of industry-specific SEO strategies.

How does a custom SEO agency identify a client's unique SEO needs?

A custom SEO agency identifies a client's unique SEO needs through comprehensive analysis, which includes understanding the client’s business model, industry trends, target audience, and competitive landscape. This approach ensures the development of a strategy that aligns with specific business objectives. Discover more about identifying unique SEO needs.

How do you ensure our website fits with our brand?

We begin by immersing ourselves in your brand. We want to understand your brand's personality, tone, and visual identity. This information guides our design process, ensuring that the final website reflects your brand accurately and consistently. We also involve you in every step of the design process, seeking your feedback and approval to ensure alignment with your brand's vision.

Technical questions

Will the website be secure and optimized for speed?

Website security and speed optimization are paramount in our design and development process. We aim to build websites that load in less than 3 seconds, providing a good user experience and helping with SEO. We always include SSL certificates for security, and can implement additional security measures as needed, like .htaccess additions and security plugins.

Who do you recommend for hosting?

There are different considerations depending on the type of technology used and what the intended scaling factors are. We generally have three types of host that we pick between:

For custom software and sites with advanced functionality we have used Digital Ocean for dedicated servers for many years and love their combination of reliability, modern server technology and great support when needed (although they're self managed).

For Nocode websites we like the Webflow platform which uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its hosting backbone.

For Jamstack websites we're big fans of Netlify and Vercel.

Can we edit content on our own website?

Absolutely, we believe that you should have the ability to update your own website content. We do believe in constraining layout editing within the confines of a tight agreed upon design system, to be sure that elements and layouts are consistent and no website breakages can occur via the CMS. We typically build websites on user-friendly content management systems that allow you to easily make updates and keep your website fresh with new content, with the safety of being able to roll back changes to earlier versions if needed. We provide training on how to use the CMS post-launch.

We typically favor the popular CMS systems SanityWebflow and Laravel Nova.

Will you configure Google Analytics for us?

Yes, Google Analytics is a critical tool for understanding website performance. We not only install and configure Google Analytics but also set up basic event tracking, such as contact form submissions. However, we will require a Google login owned by your organization to install analytics, ensuring that you retain full access and control over your data​.

What platforms do you build websites on?

We favor three different frameworks for websites, depending on scope.

  • Webflow for marketing websites.
  • Shopify with Nuxt JS (jamstack) for e-commerce websites.
  • Laravel for web applications.

Beyond this, we've used WordPress and other frameworks for many years and we can adapt to your specific requirements, with the exception of .NET or Java development.

Team and agency questions

What are the different types of developers on your team

At Magnet, our team comprises a diverse array of developers, each specializing in different areas of technology and software development. This variety ensures we can tackle a wide range of projects, from web and mobile applications to complex system integrations and data analytics solutions.

Where is Magnet located?

Our office is at 1311 Vine St, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since we love the flexibility of working from anywhere, we have team members in Kentucky, Texas, Oregon and Idaho, as well as some extended team members in Europe.

What services does Magnet offer?
What is your experience in the industry?

We have been in the web industry since our inception in London in 2004, working with clients ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Our team consists of professionals who bring together a wealth of experience in digital strategy, web design, development, and support. We've handled projects across various sectors, which gives us a broad perspective and understanding of different market dynamics.

Service related questions

What tools and technologies are commonly used by custom SEO agencies?

Custom SEO agencies use a range of tools and technologies, including keyword research tools, analytics platforms, content management systems, backlink analysis tools, and SEO tracking software. These tools assist in strategy development, performance tracking, and optimization efforts. Explore the advanced tools used in custom SEO.

What are the core services offered by a custom SEO agency?

Custom SEO agencies offer a range of services designed to improve a website’s search engine visibility and ranking. Key services include comprehensive keyword research to identify terms most relevant to the business, content strategy development for engaging and SEO-friendly content, on-page optimization to ensure the website meets all search engine standards, off-page optimization including quality link-building, and regular analytics monitoring to track performance and adjust strategies as needed.

At Magnet, our core services are not just about implementing SEO tactics; they are about integrating these tactics into a broader digital strategy that encompasses your brand’s voice and business objectives. We ensure each aspect of our SEO services is in harmony with your overall digital presence.

Learn more about our comprehensive SEO offerings on our SEO Services page.

What types of businesses typically need a custom SEO agency?

Businesses with unique characteristics, such as niche markets, specialized products or services, or those in highly competitive industries, typically benefit from a custom SEO agency. These businesses require specific strategies that standard SEO cannot provide. Explore how custom SEO can cater to unique business needs.

Can you help with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Yes, absolutely. SEO is a critical aspect of our web design and development process. We follow best practices for on-page and technical SEO to ensure your site is easily discoverable by search engines. We also offer ongoing SEO services to help improve your rankings over time, which includes keyword research, content optimization, and link building.

How do you handle website maintenance and support?

Rates questions

What are your payment terms and project fees?

Our project fees are based on the scope and complexity of the work. We typically provide a detailed proposal outlining the total cost and deliverables. As for payment terms, we generally require an initial deposit to begin work, with the balance due at various milestones or upon completion of the project. This may result in two payments of 50% and 50% or three payments of 50% 25% and 25% or more complex structures for longer projects.

How much does a website cost?

Much like the cost of building a house, there are a lot of factors that impact the price of a website. The skill-level of the builders, the quality of materials used, warranties, and how custom the build is. 

Retainers for SEO services typically start around $4,000/month, while our websites start around $20,000 USD. This isn’t always the case, so reach out to with details of your project, and we’d be happy to send you a free estimate.

Process questions

How does your design/development process work?

Our design and development process is iterative and collaborative. Our four phase approach covers strategy, creative, implementation and delivery. Learn more on our approach and process pages.

How long does it take to design and launch a site?

The timeline for designing and launching a website can vary significantly based on the complexity of the site and your specific requirements. On average, a basic website can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks from concept to launch. This includes time for design, development, testing, and revisions. However, larger and more complex projects may take longer.

What is your web design and development approach?

Our approach is user-centric and data-driven. We begin by understanding your business goals, your audience, and your competition. We then create a design that is not only visually appealing but also enhances user experience and engagement. Our development process is agile, allowing for flexibility and iterative improvement. We focus on creating websites that are responsive, fast, and search engine friendly