Enhancing Web Experiences with Sophisticated and Accessible Animations

Web animation plays a crucial role in enriching user experience and conveying information in an engaging manner. At Magnet Co, we utilize technologies like Three.js, After Effects, and Lottie to create animations that enhance the visual appeal and usability of websites, while being mindful of accessibility and user preferences.

A sample brand package visual by Magnet


Elevating User Interfaces with Purposeful and Responsive Animations

Our approach to web animation focuses on enhancing user experience and storytelling through thoughtful and purposeful design. We believe in using animation not just as a decorative element, but as a functional feature that aids in navigation, provides feedback, and illustrates complex ideas in an accessible way.

Interactive Element Transitions

We use animations to guide users through their journey on a website, creating smooth and meaningful transitions between elements and pages. This enhances the overall user experience by making navigation more intuitive and visually engaging.

Enhancing Understanding with Motion

Animation can simplify the presentation of complex information. We employ motion design to break down and illustrate concepts, making them easier to understand and more memorable for the user.

Innovative Technologies for Dynamic Experiences

Leveraging advanced technologies like Three.js and After Effects, we create animations that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, adding depth and interactivity to web interfaces.

Accessible and User-Friendly Animations

We prioritize accessibility in our animations, ensuring they are compliant with web accessibility standards. This includes respecting users’ 'prefers-reduced-motion' settings, allowing those with sensitivities to motion and animations to have a comfortable web experience.

Balancing Aesthetics with Performance

While animations can significantly enhance a website, we maintain a careful balance, ensuring that they don't hinder the site's performance or overwhelm the user. Our animations are optimized for speed and efficiency, providing a seamless experience across all devices.

Kind words
“Working with Magnet web design agency has been eye-opening. They helped refine our vision for the site, while also developing a remarkably creative and effective design that actually broadened the scope of what we hoped would be possible.  At every turn, their work was professional and exceptional.”

Matthew Fisher
Associate Professor
UCLA Department of Humanities