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Driven by data, fueled by passion

As a full service web design company, our core services are highly focused on the things we do best: helping businesses succeed through masterful strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), data-backed UI/UX design, cutting-edge technology, and lasting support.

Magnet Co website design and development services
Strategy from Magnet Co


Digital strategy

We design your website with your bottom line in mind. Whether the goal is to convert your audience into customers, create awareness, or streamline your efforts, we develop a strategy that supports your goal, considering cognitive behavior every step of the way.

Analytics and research

Brand strategy

Content strategy


Magnet Co Services, Web Design and Development Agency
Creative from Magnet Co


Flowcharts and wireframes

Flowcharts and wireframes identify user motivation and define the hierarchy of items on a site based on the needs of your audience. As a web design company that prides itself on optimizing the user experience, creating and discussing these strategic roadmaps and frameworks is critical to our process and to your success.

UX - Experience design

UI - Interface design

Behavioral design

Content creation

Magnet Co Services, Web Design and Development Agency
Engineering from Magnet Co


Full-stack development

We rely on the latest and greatest in programming languages, as any good web design company should, specializing in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Python. Some of our favorite frameworks include Laravel, Vue JS and WordPress.

CMS integrations


Systems architecture


Performance and security

Magnet Co Services, Web Design and Development Agency
Support from Magnet Co


Project management

Our role as your chosen web design company is to make the process of creating and maintaining your website as simple as possible. To do this, we use the latest digital design and project management tools to provide transparent and collaborative communication throughout our discovery, design and build sprints. Every detail of your project is organized in one place with a logical hierarchy, which streamlines communication and ensures everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Robust training


Search engine optimization


Magnet Co Services, Web Design and Development Agency


8 steps to success

Our process has been fine-tuned over many years to create a synergism between each of its moving parts, ensuring everything that we do is deliberate and impactful.



We immerse ourselves in your world to gain a comprehensive understanding of your industry, audience, people and goals.



Using our findings from discovery, we create a truly custom, deliberate plan of action, driven by data and fueled by our passion for the web.



We work directly with you to shape messaging that not only informs, but injects your brand with personality and purpose while increasing SEO.



Our collaborative design process is completely transparent, allowing you to provide feedback while designers implement changes in real time.



We utilize modern, powerful technology that has been developed to fit your needs and designed with your audience in mind.



Rest assured that your site has been through rigorous, comprehensive testing and provides an experience that is intuitive, accurate and accessible.



Before making your site live, we provide you with robust training, and help you set up analytics and additional tools that will help you succeed.



A web design company should be there for the long haul. Post-launch, we provide ongoing SEO and scheduled maintenance, analytics monitoring and regular reporting.