How we work

We exist to collaborate closely with businesses and individuals on important work across industries, striving to produce the best possible web experiences.


01 Discovery

At the beginning of every project we meet to discuss the overall plan and to learn more about the organization and the product or service in question.

Brief discussion
Value proposition design
Creative sessions

We use these to kick off a new project, or to well as solving issues with an existing product or service. The timescale is usually around a week and we get as many opinions as we can. The initial goal is to collect, not sort or filter.

Content analysis

From the beginning of the project through to execution we ask you to write copy text in shared Google Docs. We encourage using real text over placeholder text.

We can then focus on prototyping different layouts using the messaging you provide. Our curent favourite tools are InVision and Sketch.

Market research

The success of a project is in large part determined by strategy. In particular, understanding the market profile and needs, and figuring out exactly where the product or service fits.

The outcome of understanding marketing position as deeply as possible is then reflected in content creation in the later stages, in guiding interface design decisions, and meeting any usability or accessibility needs of a particular audience.


02 Planning

One of our primary process goals is to make frequent, small releases of our working software. We do through frequent communication and weekly iterations on a product.

User storyboarding
Adaptive process
Platform research and selection
Weekly reviews
Timing and budgeting

03 Prototyping

One of our favourite steps is prototyping as it allows us to take everything we've learnt from discovery and planning and, more often than not, challenge and adapt those premises based on real interaction with something tangible.

Information architecture
Behavioural mapping
Typography and visual design
Device oriented design

We explore how users will be using the website or app, and ask important questions such as; will they be still or in motion? will they be relaxed or busy in mindset? are they young with dextrous hands?

Following that we decide if a native application is needed or, if the project is more content-oriented, we would consider a mobile web app. This latter method offers faster development and distribution. A native app takes alot longer and requires getting permission from app stores such as the iOS Apple Apps store.

Functional wireframing

Initial prototypes are then worked into functional HTML and CSS 'websites' with clickable interactions between pages and layouts.

We believe strongly in getting everyones hands onto something usable as quickly as possible to validate ideas.

UI and UX design services

04 Engineering

Coding is at the heart of who we are as a team. While constantly embracing new technologies, the underlying principles of agile software development run deep in our minds as we work. We are strong proponents of continous development and Extreme Programming.

Acceptance tests
Code reviews
Continuous integration
Test-driven development
Version control

05 Validation

A vital aspect of a well thought out build process is validating ideas. Once things are built and production-ready we follow Dave McClure's AARRR framework to establish which metrics we need to track and where we need event tracking.

AARRR framework
A/B testing
Feature flags
Log collection and error tracking
Performance monitoring
SSL certificates and security

06 Deployment

Finally, before reaching for a celebratory donut, we check all the boxes, dot the i's, and ensure a stable and consist release of a validated feature or an entire website or application with minimal or no downtime.

Server configuration
Domain names and DNS
Backup restore automation
Uptime monitoring
Continuous deployment
Transactional email
Browser and device checks

Our aim is to support all rich media modern devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile devices, as well as the majority of browsers.

We support Internet Explorer 11.0+ and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge. We do not support Internet Explorer 10 and below. Those browsers are continuously losing market share, have security flaws, and are extremely time-consuming to support.

On mobile devices, we support iOS Safari 7.1+, Android Browser 4.4+, and the latest version of Chrome for Android.

For certain markets and audiences we break those rules when older browsers are more widespread.

Getting started

Email us to setup a meeting, call or video chat at your convenience. We'll listen carefully, ask a few questions and give you a ballpark estimate.


All of our projects are priced at an hourly rate and should you ever need to price by project, we can handle that too.


All work is to your satisfaction or we make it right. We ensure total security compliance with all data plus hold comprehensive insurance.