Referral program

As a small business, deeply committed to the work we put out in the world, our greatest marketing tool is recommendations from our friends and clients. Instead of giving our marketing budget to the Googles and LinkedIns of the world, we'd much rather give it to real people, who are helping us grow our business because they know us and our work ethic.

This is why we offer up to a 5% referral bonus to our friends and clients who give a referral that leads to work. If you drop our name at a work meeting or to a friend in need of web design services, shoot us an email and we'll shoot you a check.

Program terms

Any person (referee) who provides Magnet Co, LLC (Magnet Co) with a referral where that referral leads to a paid invoice from a client will receive compensation for giving the referral. The client must provide Magnet Co with the name of the referee. The referee must notify Magnet Co that they referred web services to the client within 30 days of making the referral recommendation. If a referee fails to notify Magnet within 30 days of a referral, the referee forfeits compensation.

Any referral that results in work where an invoice is generated, for a period of 6 months from the date the referee notifies Magnet Co the referee will receive compensation for. Payments will be issued based on the amount of the project cost, and may be changed without notice at any time. Payments will be issued to the referee once the client has paid 50% of the invoice total for the project for which the referral was given.

Magnet may restrict the number of referrals made by any individual at its sole discretion, but will make every reasonable attempt to notify a referee if they are no longer able to participate in the program prior to any referrals being made.

This referral program only applies to individuals making a referral to Magnet Co, for services covered by their normal business operations, and does not apply to branding agencies, or collaborations wherein Magnet Co is a contractor of services for another company for a third party.

Magnet may terminate this program without notice at any time, at its sole discretion.

Referral compensation rates

Invoice total Percent Compensation low Compensation high
$15,000 - $20,000 3% $450.00 $600.00
$20,001 - $27,000 3.5% $700.00 $945.00
$27,001 - $45,000 4% $1,080.00 $1,800.00
$45,001 - $90,000 4.5% $2,025.00 $4,050.00
$90,001 + 5% $4,500.00 -