Process Quickly

An artistic therapy app for processing and integrating emotions


Process Quickly, a startup founded by a New York-based therapist, approached Magnet to create a web application that could provide users with a personalized and therapeutic experience using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The challenge was to design and build a web application that could provide users with an engaging and interactive experience while being easy to use.


  • Research and development
  • Wireframes
  • Storyboards
  • UI/UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Branding
  • Full-stack development


Magnet's approach involved a comprehensive step-by-step process that aimed to understand the client's needs and goals and create a web application that could meet those requirements. The approach involved:

  • Conducting an extensive discovery phase to understand the client's vision and goals for the web application
  • Identifying the target audience and understanding their needs and preferences
  • Conducting market research to identify the competition and understand the existing CBT-based therapy solutions available in the market
  • Creating wireframes and user flows to plan out the user journey and create a user-friendly interface
  • Developing a content strategy that aimed to provide informative and engaging content to users
  • Conducting an SEO audit to ensure that the website could be easily discovered by potential users on search engines
  • Developing a strategic plan that outlined the key milestones, timelines, and resources required to complete the project successfully.
  • Conducted a branding sprint to identity user personas and map out the right strategy


After completing the planning and design phases, Magnet moved to the implementation phase. The implementation phase involved:

  • Creating engaging and informative content that resonated with the target audience and addressed their pain points and needs
  • Creating moodboards to identify the visual language and design elements that would align with the brand and resonate with the target audience
  • Creating storyboards to plan out the user journey and create a seamless and engaging user experience
  • Creating a user-friendly interface that incorporated the key features and functionalities required to provide users with a personalized and therapeutic experience
  • Creating custom graphics and illustrations that aligned with the brand and resonated with the target audience
  • Incorporating motion design elements to create an engaging and interactive user experience
  • Creating a design system that could be easily scaled and maintained in the future.


The new web application created by Magnet successfully helped Process Quickly achieve their goals of providing a unique and interactive CBT-based therapy experience to users. The website received positive feedback from users, resulting in an increase in customer retention and sales. The website also improved organic search engine ranking, resulting in an increase in traffic and leads. Overall, the new web application successfully addressed the client's challenges and exceeded their expectations.

Kind words

"Magnet has been a great partner in building a web based app and understands fully what goes into making a high quality website. As a strategic web agency they have a good sense of both the logistical and creative requirements of executing on an idea. I highly recommend Gavin and his team."

Ruben Mussafi


Process Quickly